My web experience: Rebecca Caution

by | Jun 12, 2020

A couple of months ago I sent this questionnaire to Rebecca Caution. In order to help people with their DIY website I like to know which things they find more difficult and what they usually struggle with. At the end I supported Rebecca setting up her online course.

What is your business/service about

I am a mindset coach and founder of a community called Working Women’s Club through which I run in person events and invite guest speakers into my FB group, as well as going live in there myself most days supporting the members. My coaching has been mostly 1:1 until recently, but I’ve now started to host online group workshops and plan to launch longer term offerings soon.

How was your experience building your own WordPress?

Up and down! It took me longer than I’d have liked and I probably wasted a bit of time and money on templates that weren’t right for me before I found the right (simplest!) approach that worked for me.

How did you learn to do it?

I originally bought myself a book WordPress for Beginners (I think!) but it was very dry and I didn’t get very far into it before giving up on the whole thing for a while! Then I stumbled across someone in a FB group recommending using Ocean WP with Elementor. Once I got going with that setup, it became about 1000 times easier to get it all done.

What did you enjoy most?

When it was over! Once I had Ocean WP and Elementor in it was fairly simple, though I still hadn’t properly set up templates etc to make it easier for myself. Each time I added a new page I was putting it together from scratch, so I ended up paying someone to set that stuff up for me because I couldn’t face spending the time reading up on how to do it myself! When you are ding everything yourself, it’s a toss up between your time to work stuff out (ages!) and paying money for someone else to do it (who it will likely take no time at all to do a much better job!)

Did you struggle with something? What?

The main issue I had was that when I started my business, I was excited to learn how to do EVERYTHING myself, but once I realised how long everything took me and how not interested in it/not good at it I was, it became a real drag. I’m very much of the opinion that paying other freelancers/self employed people to share their expertise is the way to go! I’ve learned the hard way that often the DIY approach is a false economy. Time is money.

Is there something that would you like to change or improve?

A top priority for me is to outsource this as a task long term, because it’s not my area of expertise. I don’t know what would improve the site, whilst I’m sure there are many improvements to be made, so having another pair of eyes on it at all times to suggest improvements is very important to me moving forward.

Rebecca Caution is a mindset coach founder of Working Women Club and runs an online course called Design your Future