I was commissioned by the very lovely team at Great Ormond Street Hospital to Jazz up their entrance doors! The brief was Biophilia which is the hypothesis that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life and therefore benefit from being close to nature or even looking at images of nature. Hospitals aren’t allowed to have actual plants so the GOSH Arts team asked me to bring some of my 2D colourful creations in! I loved this brief and also chose to take inspiration from the wards which are all named after animals and insects introducing a few of my faves like the Flamingo into the design.

The painting happened over one day as the main entrance had to be shut causing disruption to patients and families. So I created a design that could go up fast. The central two panels on both sets of doors were more complicated. But I created some interchangeable icons for the side panels that could be scattered around in multiple placement and colour combinations, adding an element of movement and fun!

B3 Live & Grow Screen Print

Sale Price:70.00 Original Price:80.00

A2 Vintage Fashions

Sale Price:75.00 Original Price:95.00

A2 Fruit Basket Silk Screen Print

Sale Price:75.00 Original Price:95.00

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